Board of Members (Piper Hill Learning Trust) - Signatory members of the company
Joan Holt, Liam Cowell, Helen Jones and James Eldon
Board of Trustees / Directors  (Trust Board) - (Piper Hill Learning Trust)
Helen Jones (Chair), Beverley Ridyard, Janet Ashton, Jenny Andrews, Piper Hill Headteacher, Pioneer House Headteacher (both ex-officio) and chairs of Governors Committees
Finance, Staffing & Estates Management Committee - Joint Piper Hill & Pioneer House
Janet Ashton (Chair)
Helen Jones (Vice Chair)
Mark Burgess
Craig Moran
Linda Jones (Headteacher)
Mary Beer (School Business Manager)
Brian Tetlow (Commissioned Service)
Ruth Dolan (Clerk)
Pioneer House High School
Governing Body
Jenny Andrews (Chair),
Wendy Godfrey,
Linda Jones,
Sue Warner (Safeguarding, SEN & LAC),
Nuala Finegan,
Vicki Gledhill
Governors focus on:
  • Leadership and Management
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
  • Pupil Outcomes
  • 16 - 19 Study Programmes