At Pioneer House High School we recognise the importance of accreditation for young people and their families, and for employers. Each pupil works towards an appropriate, meaningful and relevant accreditation portfolio of value to the pupil and recognised by future employers.
Internal Accreditation
All pupils have progress files that show progress over all curriculum areas each school year. All students are involved in setting and recording their own targets and evaluating their success towards achieving that target at the end of each term.
External Accreditation
Externally moderated accreditation is used in KS4 and KS5 to reward and acknowledge skills and achievements. Three main boards are used for this – AQA, Edexcel/Pearson and City and Guilds. We aim for all students leave the school with a range of accreditation that recognises their outstanding achievement, and best prepares them for future of meaningful employment or further training.
Students will build a personal portfolio of meaningful and employer recognised accreditation through:
AQA Units of work for Core Subjects (Maths, English and Computing) at the end of KS4;
Edexcel Award, Certificate or Diploma Qualifications in Personal Progress and Supported Employment throughout KS3, 4 and 5;
City and Guilds Functional Skills qualifications in Maths, English and ICT in KS5 and
City and Guilds Skills for Working Life qualifications in KS5.
AQA accreditation will reflect the pupil’s own level of achievement in line with the Piper Hill Learning Trust curriculum and assessment strategies. The school will use schemes of work, designed to meet individual need and accredit these where appropriate with AQA Unit Awards. Pupils will receive national accreditation only if they satisfy the ratifying board that they have met the criteria of the nationally endorsed scheme.
Edexcel qualifications relating to Personal Progress and Supported Employability will be offered over KS4 at Entry level 1, 2 and/or 3 as appropriate.
City and Guilds qualifications in Functional Skills and Skills for Working Life will be offered at Entry level; individual arrangements will be made for those pupils working towards NVQ Level 1 qualifications.