Curriculum Organisation

All subjects are taught to all pupils aimed specifically at their individual levels of learning, where each pupil receives a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. There is also be a strong focus on applied learning e.g. catering and hospitality, and land based studies through simulated and real life work experience, and work opportunities. We have strong community links with local sporting venues, leisure centres, parks, galleries, theatres and local high schools, and a number of work experience providers. Inclusion links with other high school are positive and for more able students prove to be both challenging and rewarding as they develop cognitive and social skills by attending subject lessons, nurture groups, after school clubs, residential and social break times.
Students continue to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in English, Mathematics, science, ICT, PSHE, PE, RE, Modern language, art, food technology and design technology, citizenship, careers and humanities through the school with additional time being spent on applied learning as they move through the key stages.
All students will have individual key targets in the functional key skill areas of Communication, Application of Number and ICT. They also have an individual key target in each Skills for Life and Learning curriculum area, including Team Working, Independent Enquiry and Self-Management in order to increase their personal, social and emotional development. These individual key targets inform all curriculum delivery and personalised planning.