Reporting to Parents

Autumn Term
At the beginning of each autumn term parents will be invited into school to discuss their child’s EHC plan and progress they are making towards achieving their statement objectives. Learning objectives, Key Skills and IEP’s will be reviewed and reset for the forthcoming year together with the head teacher and class tutor. At the end of term, targets and evaluations for the core subjects will be sent home for independent learners.
Spring Term
An afternoon and evening is held for parents to come and discuss student’s progress in all subjects with subject teachers and class tutors. Opportunities are available to look at work done over the year. Evaluations of students’ work in core subjects will be sent home at the end of this term also.
Summer Term
At the end of each summer term a completed target booklet and photographic evidence showing your child’s progress and achievements will be sent home with an accompanying comment from the class tutor in the form of an annual report.