Transition Information

Student needs are carefully considered to ensure that Pioneer House High School can indeed provide the right educational environment to meet individual student needs. EHC Plans / Statements inform admissions (taking in to account both prior levels of attainment and additional needs). Meetings with parents, visits to pupils in their current schools and discussions with current school staff and other professionals all provide valuable information to support appropriate placement.
Once it has been agreed that the school can provide the right educational experience for an individual, a transition programme is put in place to allow a number of supported visits to Pioneer House High School, over a period of weeks, and where possible supported by staff from the current school. Transition is supported by printed and digital resources, summer school transition visits and personalised materials to allow familiarisation with the school before arrival and admission.
It is equally important that student needs at the time of transition between Key Stages are taken into account. As a student progresses through the school the balance of time allocated to vocational curriculum elements is enhanced considerably. Starting in KS3, transition planning is an integral part of the Annual Review process, where individual future aspirations are discussed with students, their parents / carers and other professionals. Students are equally supported when they move up from KS4 into the sixth form provision. All sixth form students receive independent careers advice which feeds in to EHC plans to ensure that they have chosen the correct accreditation/options pathways to fulfil their current potential and future aspirations.
At Pioneer House High School we aim to ensure that each individual has as much support as possible to achieve their longer term goals and aspirations with regards to employment. Based on realistic careers education in KS3 students begin to consider future possibilities in Key stage 4 and develop these in the Sixth form. Careers education includes opportunities to meet students who have developed successful employment through a range of routes, including post-19 internships.
Those students for whom internships with local employers are a realistic aspiration follow a pre-internship programme to support their transition to work. The school is proactive in establishing links with local employers; independent and supported work experience placements are offered according to the needs and aspirations of pupils and their families. Visits to colleges and work placements both on and off site are programmed in throughout KS5 to ensure that leavers are able to make an informed choice regarding their post 19 destinations.