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Microsoft Teams Online Lessons


  • Using Microsoft Teams allows you to see and hear the teacher and the teacher will be able to see and hear you
  • Teachers can see how you are managing with the lesson and teach you more effectively if you have your camera on, so we would like you to do this as often as possible.
  • Your teacher may ask you to mute your microphone unless you are speaking to the whole class with the teacher’s permission.
  • Please dress in suitable clothing for meeting your teacher. Pupils who are self-isolating but not sick or showing symptoms are expected to log on to Microsoft Teams and join in the lesson as they would in school. (e.g. Pupils must not be in pyjamas/nightwear for online lessons) 
  • Please be in a suitable area of the house, e.g. the lounge or kitchen is preferred, not in your bedroom, and consider the background e.g. no personal photographs. If you are not in a suitable area of the house, your teacher will explain that you will need to leave the meeting and re-join when you are in a suitable area of the house.
  • You are expected to behave sensibly and appropriately as you would in school. If you do not, you may be asked to leave the meeting.
  • You should leave the meeting at the end of the lesson so that the teacher can close Microsoft Teams. The teacher will post a recording to the class page on the school website by the end of the same day so if you need to go back and watch it again you will be able to do so.
  • Teachers will record attendance and non-attendance at online lessons
  • You must not screenshot or record any aspect of Microsoft Teams online lesson

We do appreciate that for a variety of reasons not all pupils will be able to join a Microsoft Teams meet at the time agreed and we encourage parents and carers to communicate with their child’s teacher via email to discuss options for sending work home to pupils who are isolating.


Online Safety Info for Parents & Carers

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