At Pioneer House we are proud to announce that in Summer 2022 we achieved the FLAGSHIP STATUS Skillsbuilder Award.

Pioneer House have worked with Skillsbuilder over several years to build an appropriate careers and employment curriculum for SEN students in order for students to acquire, practise and build upon the 8 Essential Skills. Having earned the Skillsbuilder Gold award in 2021 for a dedication to employability skills education, Pioneer House has been further recognised for their contributions. This has included contributions within our own school as well as being recognised for the supportive work and impact with organisations and educational providers across Greater Manchester and beyond. Pioneer House are one of the first schools in the country to earn the Skillsbuilder Flagship Status!

The flagship status is award for those modelling best practice in high-quality essential skills education and where:

  • The school have fully embedded the Skills Builder Principles
  • All teachers are confident educators of essential skills
  • Essential skills education is fully integrated into daily practice
  • The school actively support and have impact supporting other schools and organisations.

As a school we are so proud of the work the students and staff have put into the Skills Builder activities and are delighted that this hard work has been recognised with the FLAGSHIP STATUS award. 

We have been accepted onto the Skills Builder programme for next year and can’t wait to continue and extend the fantastic work.

We are confident that this will help students develop skills for life and will dramatically improve their employability as adults.

“All the schools and colleges who have achieved a Skills Builder Award this year have demonstrated that they are committed to ensuring that every one of their students builds the essential skills to succeed. These essential skills have been needed more than ever this year: speaking, listening, teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem solving, aiming high, and staying positive. We congratulate them on a brilliant achievement.”
- Tom Ravenscroft, Founder & CEO, Skills Builder Partnership


About the Skills Builder Partnership

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together more than 700 organisations towards a common mission: ensuring that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. We work with educators, employers and impact organisations to establish a shared language, principles and outcomes for eight essential skills which drive learning in school, underpin success in employment and foster life-long personal and professional development. Please visit for more details.

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