Admission Arrangements

Pioneer House is a special school which provides 130 day places for 11-19 year old students in an environment where pupils with identified and statemented Complex Cognitive Difficulties (SLD as the primary need), can access a specialised and holistic education. The carefully planned environment and engaging, personalised curriculum on offer is designed to meet the needs of students with a learning difficulty. All pupils must have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan naming the school.


At Pioneer House we offer a carefully thought out curriculum, with the curriculum focus developing as the students move through the Key Stages e.g. with more focus on developing independence and life skills through simulated and real life experiences. Effective and strong links will be forged with the local community.


Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

In the process of considering naming Pioneer House in a plan, the LA must consult with the school and the school will consider the appropriateness of the placement for the child and would also ensure that naming a child for Pioneer House  would be in their best interests, that Pioneer House High School can indeed provide the right educational environment to meet individual student needs. EHC Plans inform admissions (taking in to account both prior levels of attainment and additional needs). Meetings with parents, visits to children in their current schools and discussions with current school staff and other professionals all provide valuable information to support appropriate placement. The final decision on the school to be named rests with the local authority responsible for maintaining the statement.


We can only accept referrals from Local Authorities (LA). Whilst parents are welcome to visit the school and can be provided with information about the school, the school cannot proceed to the admissions stage without local authority support. Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should ask their local authority to name our school in their child’s EHCP.


Once it has been agreed that the school can provide the right educational experience for an individual, a transition programme is put in place in the Summer Term to allow a number of supported visits to Pioneer House High School, over a period of weeks, and where possible supported by staff from the current school. Transition is supported by printed and digital resources, summer school transition visits and personalised materials to allow familiarisation with the school before arrival and admission. 


Joining Pioneer House High School in Years 8 – 14

Occasionally, students join Pioneer House High School in years 8 – 14.   In the same way that we consider admissions for students from Year 6 into Year 7, each potential student’s needs are carefully considered to ensure that Pioneer House High School can meet these needs and is able to provide them with the right educational environment in which they are able to thrive and work towards the outcomes outlined in their Education and Health Care Plan. Each student’s EHC Plan  informs admission and our consultation process takes into account the levels at which the student is currently working and the additional needs which are outlined in the EHC Plan.  In addition, we meet with each student’s parents, undertake visits to students in their current settings and discuss each individual’s needs and aspirations with current school staff and other professionals. These discussions provide us with valuable information to ensure that a placement at Pioneer House is appropriate for each individual student.


Once it has been established that the school can provide the right educational experience for an individual, a transition programme is put in place to allow a number of supported visits to Pioneer House High School, over a period of weeks, where possible supported by staff from the current school. In addition to transition visits, the process is supported by a wide range of resources, personalised for each individual which allow for familiarisation with the school before admission.


For further information on our school, and the process for obtaining a place here contact Manchester City Council Admissions 0161 245 7166.


Although parents can indicate to their local authority the school of preference to be named the authority may not agree with the placement identified. In such circumstances parents have the right of appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (SEN & Disability). The school will adhere to LA decisions.


Private funding of places

PHHS is unable to offer places to families who wish to independently fund the placement.


Communication and Confidentiality

All information relating to the proposed placement of any individual are confidential.

The school will liaise with the local authority to ensure they are kept up to date.


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