At Pioneer House we are proud to be working towards being an Artsmark Certified School. Artsmark is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England. Artsmark aims to:

  • Support the health and wellbeing of pupils with arts, culture and creativity. 
  • Ensure every young person can be creative and have access to a diverse and high-quality cultural education. 

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Our Artsmark Journey

We began our Artsmark Journey in May 2023, when we pledged our commitment to raising the quality and engagement in arts at Pioneer House. Over the next two years, as a whole school, we will be working towards:

  • Ensuring our arts curriculum is a positive and inclusive experience for all pupils. We want to engage and empower our young people, and demonstrate to them equity, relevance and diversity for all.
  • Pupils and staff will be committed to striving for excellence and innovation. Staff will be able to develop creative young people through embedded, quality, staff development.
  • Developing belonging and ownership in the arts, by building local connections and developing cultural entitlement for all children and young people.


What will this look like at Pioneer House?

Develop ownership and belonging by creating consistent ways of sharing work and achievements with parents, students and other stakeholders.

  • Reviewing the arts curriculum and how we can include events and inclusive artists.
  • Linking our arts curriculum to our IQM outcomes.
  • Continuing to invite parents to KS3 termly concerts.
  • Begin to hold gallery evenings in community café.
  • Share students artwork in wider community.
  • Display student artwork around school.

Develop further links with practitioners and organisations who are a part of the Manchester arts community, to help them understand our students as potential employees.

  • Strengthen our relationships with BreakDance Manchester and Digit Music.
  • Offer quality first, research led training to practitioners who work with our students.
  • Produce case studies on impact of this on students.
  • Share case studies with wider arts community.
  • Develop good practice guidebook for future practitioners.
  • Advocate for students through community platforms.
  • Continue to work with Arts programs, including RET, Manchester Hip Hop Archive, CREATE.

Upskill our teachers in music and art specific skills, and how the arts can support important employability skills.

  • Offer quality Art and Music CPD to staff.
  • Carry out supportive creative arts learning walks.
  • Facilitate peer observations of art and music lessons to support good practise being shared.
  • Enhance employability skills and cross curricular links within the arts curriculum.








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