Dear Parents and Carers,

At Pioneer House High School we aim to work in partnership with you to provide the very best education for your child. We work tirelessly with all that our school, Trust and community has to offer to ensure that each pupil will achieve their potential and make outstanding progress. At Pioneer House High School the outcomes for pupils after school and college really matter to us and we will develop the skills of your child so that they become the most effective citizens they can be.

We hope your son or daughter will really enjoy being at Pioneer House and benefit from the inspiring curriculum offered and the vast range of activities we provide, and that you will join with us to help make your child’s education a positive experience.
This prospectus has been designed to help you find out more about the way the Pioneer House High School works. I hope that you will find it informative and that it explains all the things you feel you need to know.

Over the year I hope to meet you at one of our many events or during individual pupil reviews and please do not hesitate in contacting me directly if you have any comments, questions or concerns or to arrange a visit to school.

I am delighted to welcome you and your child to our community here at Pioneer House and believe our innovative and exciting school will support your child in achieving their very best.
Adele Cox
If you have any queries, please direct them to Adele Cox - Headteacher - [email protected]
If you have any safeguarding queries or concerns, please contact the Headteacher - 0161 241 8100.
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