The School Council at Pioneer House High School empowers students to become actively involved in promoting the school’s effective learning environment in partnership with staff, parents and the community, so that all students are able to achieve their full potential.
 The School Council does this by:
  • Ensuring that the Student Voice is heard
  • Providing students with a safe, fair, democratic and friendly forum, in which they are able to express their views and opinions
  • Providing students with opportunities to become involved in the decision-making process in relation to the school and their education
  • Implementing a democratic process through which students have the opportunity to become elected representatives for their year group.  
  • Ensuring that adults and students in school work in partnership, sharing ideas, taking action and striving for continuous improvement
  • Promoting a positive learning environment in which our students can thrive and prepare for life beyond Pioneer House
  • Developing students' cultural capital through the accumulation of knowledge behaviours and skills, including those of negotiation, to support them to become successful adults who are able to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live. 
Congratulations to our current School Council members – you represent our students, promote our Pioneer House Vision and our Code of Conduct. Keep up the hard work!
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