The curriculum at Pioneer House High School is carefully structured to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be active citizens and to enable them to take advantage of opportunities for employment and independence as they move into adulthood. We want our students to be engaged and curious learners and our curriculum offers many opportunities for the hands-on, practical learning that students enjoy.
The curriculum has a number of key ‘building blocks’ which take a systematic and strategic approach to developing and embedding essential skills, knowledge and understanding over time. This allows our leavers to meet the complexities of the workplace with confidence and competence. Through our spiral skills curriculum, students re-visit essential learning as they move through the school to build, develop and refine their skills.
Careful timetabling, personalisation and individual route-mapping ensures that these key components work together to meet the needs of each individual.
  • Core curriculum areas of Maths, English, Science and Computing are essential to fulfilling the school goals and form a key component throughout the curriculum. In lower school students work on well differentiated and engaging Maths, English and Computing curricula which give the opportunity to learn, recall, consolidate and progress. As students move into upper school, they focus on using these skills in a functional and applied way, appropriate to independent living and life in the workplace.
  • A learning-focused foundation subject curriculum provides a structured approach to teaching and learning in History, Geography, Art, MFL, RE and Technology throughout KS3 and 4, ensuring that students can make connections between their learning and their real life experiences in preparation for options, vocational based learning and work experience in key stage 5.
  • Our Healthy Lifestyles curriculum supports students to make responsible, informed choices in school, at home, the community and in the workplace, developing independence skills to equip students for life beyond school. This curriculum includes a strong safeguarding element to support students to learn how to make positive well informed choices to keep themselves safe and healthy, now and in adult life.
  • The Young Citizen and Careers curriculum develops the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be active citizens in in modern Britain. Students learn how to be self-advocates so that their needs are met and where to go for help when this is needed. From key stage 3 they begin to explore and discover the world of work to ensure that they are supported to develop aspirational career ideas and the ability to plan for their futures.
  • Our Enterprise and Skills curriculum equips students with the essential, executive skills to support successful and active citizenship and life as a member of a workforce. The skills taught, are embedded across all curriculum subjects and include Teamworking, Listening, Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Communicating and Resilience.
  • Our Vocational curriculum strengthens as students move through school, with an increasing focus on work placements and employability skills. The curriculum is underpinned by strong careers education throughout school and a qualifications framework which helps young people to have a pathway that leads into further study or work.
  • The Enrichment curriculum supports students  to understand and access the rich leisure, sporting and cultural opportunities available within the city, providing the skills, knowledge and understanding to apply their developing independence skills to fulfil personal interests and engage in a meaningful way with their local community, be that through sports, the creative arts or volunteering.
For further information about our curriculum you can contact Diane Ainsworth - [email protected] or Michelle Wilkinson - [email protected]

Curriculum Policy

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