At Pioneer House we hold a set of core values which guide and drive the work of the school.


  • We value community;

  • We look after our school so that everyone has a happy time here;

  • We recognise the importance of contributing to the wider community for the benefit of all;

  • We work together and collaborate to make our community stronger.


  • We value diversity;

  • We embrace our differences, recognising the contribution which is made by each member of our community;

  • We know that we each have different needs and that we can work together to ensure that all our needs are met.

Growing and Developing

  • Pioneer House is a dynamic school that embraces the value of change, challenge, development and improvement;

  • We know that we can take calculated risks to forge new ways forward;

  • We recognise that we may not always succeed straight away but we have the resilience to keep trying, even when things are difficult.

Independence and Autonomy

  • We value independence and understand the sense of achievement that it brings;

  • We aim for students to develop the skills to be as independent as possible in adult life.

  • We strive to strengthen the voice of all members of our community.


  • We are a learning community and we celebrate our successes;

  • We value learning and recognise that each learner moves forward from their own starting point at their own pace;

  • We work hard to make sure that our school is a happy and positive place to learn.


  • We value the wellbeing of all members of our community;

  • We respect one another;

  • We strive to make sure that our school is a place where people feel safe and valued;

  • We support all members of our community to enjoy success and achievement.


  • We value work and making a positive contribution;

  • We know that work can make a difference to our lives;

  • We work hard to ensure that all members of the community enjoy the success of an effective contribution.

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