At Pioneer House High School we recognise the importance of accreditation and recognition of learning and achievement for young people, their families and for employers. As part of our Key Stage 4 and 5 offer each student works towards an appropriate, meaningful and relevant accreditation portfolio which is not only of value to the student but is recognised by future employers and training providers.


External Accreditation

Externally moderated accreditation is used in KS4 and KS5 to reward and acknowledge skills and achievements. We work with the following awarding bodies:


  • City and Guilds
  • Gateway Qualifications
  • Prince’s Trust


Our aim is for all students to leave the school with a range of qualifications that recognises their outstanding achievements and demonstrates how they are exceptionally well prepared for their next steps into sustained employment or further training.  


All Students will build a personal portfolio of meaningful and employer recognised accreditation through:


  • Gateway Entry Level qualifications in the following subjects for the following subjects:
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Digital Skills for Work
    • Preparation for Employment
    • Skills for Independent Living


  • City and Guilds Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English
  • The Prince’s Trust Award in Personal Development and Employability


We also offer optional vocational accredited routes for our students leading to:


  • Gateway Entry Level qualifications in Skills for the Land Based Sector
  • Gateway Entry Level qualifications in Skills for Hospitality and Catering


Accreditation will reflect the student’s own level of achievement in line with the curriculum and assessment strategies. The school will use schemes of work, designed to meet individual need and accredits learning where appropriate with Entry Level units of accreditation. Students will receive national accreditation only if they satisfy the awarding body that they have met the criteria of the Ofqual approved qualification.



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