At Pioneer House we want our students to look smart when at school and feel proud to wear their uniform, being part of our school community. The governors, parents and staff together believe that wearing a school uniform enhances this feeling of belonging and also can prepare our students for the world of work, where uniform may be mandatory.

School uniform is compulsory and non-negotiable for students in KS3 and KS4.

All students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 wear the school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. The aim is that students of Pioneer House will develop and feel a sense of community and belonging through the wearing of the school uniform and represent our school with pride.

Only our school jumpers and blazers showcase the school logo. All students will receive a complimentary jumper when they join us, and we have worked with the supplier to ensure the costs of jumpers are appropriately low. To support our families further, we also run ‘pre-loved’ events where uniforms can be purchased across the year, and we are always very grateful of donations of out-grown uniforms. Families at Pioneer House want to support each other.

KS3 Uniform

Teal school sweatshirt (crewneck or V-neck)

Teal school cardigan

Blazer – optional

Tie - optional

Black trousers / skirt / leggings
White school polo shirt                                     
Head scarf (where appropriate)
Sensible dark shoes






KS4 Uniform

Black school sweatshirt (crewneck)

Black school cardigan

Black ¼ zip school top

Black ¼ fleece zip school top

Black blazer (optional)

Tie - optional

Black trousers / skirt / leggings
White or Black polo school shirt                                                    
Head scarf (where appropriate)
Sensible dark shoes






Pioneer College

Students attending Pioneer College are not expected to wear school uniform. However, as role models for the younger students in the school, students must dress in a manner appropriate to their position as senior members of the school community. Therefore, we expect students to dress casually, but smartly and it must be appropriate to the school environment. Extremes of hair style or colour, facial piercings or ear spacers, or extremes of makeup are not permitted.

Students are however expected to wear the appropriate uniform for work experience on or off site.

KS5 Uniform

Uniform is optional

Appropriate own clothes

For work placements: Black school sweatshirt or black polo shirt




All orders can be made via the main school reception. Please ask for details


It is essential that students have an appropriate PE kit in school on the days they are timetabled to be playing sport. PE is a curriculum subject and participation by all students is required. A key element of PE is changing into an appropriate PE kit.

PE Kit

Plain white t-shirt

Black shorts/bottoms or plain black non – labelled tracksuit

Pumps or dark coloured trainers.


Please ensure your child has the required PE kit available.

Calls will be made to parents/carers if uniform is not worn, and your child may not be able to participate in activities both off and on site as result of non-compliance.


Swim Kit

Boys: swimming trunks or suitable all-in-one (no boardshorts or beachwear), a towel, and an appropriate bag


Girls: One-piece swimsuit (no bikinis or beachwear), a towel and an appropriate


All pupils with hair longer than shoulder length must also have a swimming cap.


Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked in all pieces of school uniform, shoes, PE kits, swimming kits, towels, etc.


Additional expectations


No extreme hair styles are allowed. Hair must be of a natural colour.


Students may wear the following if they choose to:

  • A wristwatch
  • One pair of small, studded earrings in the lower ear (Hooped/dangly earrings must not be worn for health and safety reasons

Please note that the following items are not permitted under any circumstances (Students will be asked to remove them immediately and parents/carers will be informed):

  • Make up
  • False eyelashes 
  • Acrylic nails 
  • Facial, tongue/eyebrow piercings

Additional information 


The following items are not allowed in school:

  • Fashion footwear
  • Hats or caps
  • Trousers or jumpers with logo’s
  • Hooded tops/sweat-tops/non-uniform colour cardigans.

External coats/jackets are not to be worn inside the school building.

Personal Belongings

  • All items should be clearly marked with the owner's name.
  • Valuable items should not be brought into school.
  • Parents should note that the school cannot accept liability for loss or damage of personal property.
  • Unfortunately, the school cannot take responsibility for mobile phones. All phones need to be switched off during the school day and must be handed immediately upon arrival to school. Phones are not permitted to be used during the day. Phones will be returned as your child is about to leave school. Independent travellers are encouraged to have a charged mobile for use each day.


Pre-loved uniform


To support all of our families, school are very grateful to accept pre-loved items of school uniform (in good condition). Please feel free to drop off any items at the school office.

If you require any pre-loved items of uniform, please contact the school office or our Parent Liaison staff member: Susan Alvis  [email protected]


Uniform Policy

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