School uniform is compulsory and non-negotiable for students in KS3 and KS4. School uniform is no longer compulsory in KS5 but is strongly recommended. Students are expected to wear the appropriate uniform for work experience on or off site.


Teal school sweatshirt
Black trousers / tracksuit bottoms or black skirt / leggings
White  polo shirt                                                  
Head scarf (where appropriate)
Sensible dark shoes

Teal or black sweatshirt (crewneck or v-neck)
Black ¼ zip top
Black ¼ fleece zip top
Black school polo shirt
Black blazer (optional)
Black trousers/non label tracksuit bottoms
Black or white plain polo shirt
Head scarf (where appropriate)
Sensible dark shoes
FE Black school sweatshirt
Black trousers / tracksuit bottoms or black skirt / leggings
Sensible dark shoes
P.E Kit White t-shirt
Shorts - white or black                                                  
Swimming costume
Towel - please bring a towel to every P.E. lesson

All pupils will receive a complimentary sweatshirt / cardigan before arriving at the school.


Personal Belongings

  1. All items should be clearly marked with the owner's name.
  2. Valuable items should not be brought into school.
  3. Parents should note that the school cannot accept liability for loss or damage of personal property.
  4. Unfortunately the school cannot take responsibility for mobile phones. All phones need to be switched off during the school day and must be handed immediately upon arrival to school. Phones are not permitted to be used during the day. Phones will be returned as your child is about to leave school. Independent travellers are encouraged to have a charged mobile for use each day.


Additional information:



The following items are not allowed in school:

  • Fashion footwear
  • Hats or caps
  • Trousers or jumpers with logo’s
  • Hooded tops/sweat-tops/non-uniform cardigans


Additional expectations


  • No extreme hair styles are allowed. Hair must be of a natural colour.


  • A wristwatch only is allowed.
  • One pair of small stud earrings in the lower ear. Large hooped or dangly earrings must not be worn for health and safety reasons
  • No facial, tongue or body piercings

Make Up is not allowed. This includes

  • False/acrylic nails
  • False eyelashes

External coats/jackets are not to be worn inside the school building.


For Sixth From/KS5

Sixth Form students are not expected to wear school uniform. However as role models for the younger pupils in the school, students must dress in a manner appropriate to their position as senior members of the school community. Therefore we expect students to dress casually, but smartly and it must be appropriate to the school environment. Extremes of hair style or colour, facial piercings or ear spacers, or extremes of makeup are not permitted

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