23 January 2024

Image of Annual Review of EHCP Plan

5 reasons why it is important to attend your child's EHCP Review:
1.    It is a Legal Requirement to attend - only students with an up to date EHCP can remain at Pioneer House High School.
2.    It ensures the needs of your child can be met fully by the school throughout their time with us.
3.    It allows the voice of the child to be captured and heard and enables us to personally celebrate your child's success in education each year.
4.    EHCP reviews give parents and carers a chance to discuss the things that are going well for your child and identify any issues which may need to be addressed, as well as giving you information for support that may be relevant to your child from external agencies.
5.    Enables school and parents to work together to achieve the targets set in the EHCP reviews and discuss next steps when moving into a new Key Stage or moving on from us.'

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