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Information for Parents and Carers


If pupils are absent from school due to circumstances related to COVID-19, schools are expected to offer them access to remote education. At Pioneer House High School, one way in which we will be able to do this is by live streaming lessons via Microsoft Teams.


To do this parents and carers will need to:


  • Download Microsoft Teams. This is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website, you will need to sign up for a free account.
  • To be sure we are being as safe as we can with our online learning, we will send the invitation link for the lesson to a parent’s email address. All you will need to do, once you have downloaded the Microsoft Teams application, is click on this link and it will take you straight to the live lesson.
  • Follow the link on the email to the live stream, make sure the camera is on and the microphone is on mute.
  • To ask questions please use the chat box or use the function to put your hand up
  • The classroom will appear on the screen and your child can join in the lesson.
  • Teachers will send out any materials or resources you’ll need for the lesson beforehand
  • All lessons delivered on Microsoft Teams will be recorded while they are being streamed live and the video will be available on the school website afterwards


If a pupil is absent due to circumstances related to COVID-19, parents/carers will be contacted by the class teachers explaining what they need to do to work remotely from home, including the times of the lessons and any other information the pupil will need.


Also, please find a copy of our Online Safety Policy below.


Online Safety Policy

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